How We Rate Online Casinos In UK

Casino operators launch new online gambling sites every year. As a result, it may be daunting for you to choose a casino that suits you best. However, that shouldn’t stress you anymore because we are here to help. We recommend the (best casinos) ( casinoonline-123 ) to play in UK. Below are the metrics we use to rate online casinos.

Internal and External Security

The internet is a scary place especially where money is involved. There are daily cases of hacking, where unauthorized people try to steal money and information that belongs to other people. Therefore, whether you are on the internet for gaming or any other activity, this threat is real. When ranking UK online casinos, we scrutinize their security strategies.

  • Do they do regular security checks?
  • Do they address any security issues, and if they do, how fast does it happen?

A safe online casino to play will offer its players maximum security. This may involve encrypting their personal and transaction details using SSL encryption technology. More to that, if a casino is licensed by the gambling authorities, security is inevitable. However, we never assume that. We examine their licenses and validity periods, and give them appropriate ranking.

Trust and reputation

Regardless of whatever advice you get from friends or family, nothing is more important that an honest and reputable online casino. For this reason, we conduct in-depth, time-consuming research to find out if a particular casino can be trusted with gamblers’ money and personal information. In reputation, we never give casinos a benefit of doubt.

In our reviews, all UK online casinos are presumed guilty until confirmed that they are honest and trustworthy. It may sometimes be unfair in the land of the free, but we never take chances because there are few illegal casinos. Therefore, any casino we recommend has gone through a tough examination to get the rating.

The game selection

Although most online gamers have their preferred games, we like to mix things up a little bit. This is because different players have different tastes and preferences when it comes to casino games. That’s why we give a higher rating to casinos with more games. Additionally, the best casinos should have demo versions of their games for newbies.

  • Slot Machines
  • Table games
  • Live dealer studio

If a casino has a few games, the likelihood of players getting bored is high. Besides, they may lack certain games that are players’ favorites. Also, for the available games, a casino should offer several variants of the game. For example, if its roulette, the best casino will have roulette variants such as American Roulette and French Roulette.

Mobile gaming options

With mobile gaming gaining popularity, it would be unwise for a casino to deny its players this option. As such, we visit a casino’s website and gauge its usability in both desktop and mobile environments. We also check the speed in which the pages load. More to that, we check the casino’s mobile app if there is any.

We examine the app’s features and the ability to play all the games from the platform. More to that, we check how compatible the app is in both Android and IOS operating systems. Some casinos go a step further into availing even live events on the mobile apps. Therefore, casinos offering great mobile gaming options are highly ranked.

  • Is there lagging effects when games are played from a smartphone?
  • Does the casino offer instant play in mobile environments?

The site's usability

Nobody likes being stranded on the internet. As such, a casino’s site should be easy to navigate, with game categories clearly organized on the homepage. Additionally, it should have a search function where you can find a game through its title, or its provider’s name. Besides, the casino should have a guide for every game.

A game guide will help new players so that they have an easy time when playing on the site. Therefore, casinos with such features have an upper-hand in our recommendations list. Generally, when rating UK casinos, we carefully analyze all the features of a casino. Therefore, you can expect the best casinos to enjoy your favorite games.

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